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All Access Membership

e2 provides resources through its website; in this lifetime membership, your elder team has unlimited access to…

  • 36 individual videos (e2 talks) addressing an elder’s leadership, relationships, work, and life.
  • Digital formats of the ten books we have published.
  • Dozens of white papers that answer specific questions and address elder-related issues.
  • A manual of policy templates.
  • A collection of our weekly blogs.

Our book titles are:

  • Answer His Call
  • Reflect His Character
  • Lead His Church
  • Enjoy His People
  • The Healthy Elder
  • Conflict | Resolution:  How Elder-Staff Teams Thrive Against One Another | How Elder-Staff Teams Can Thrive With One Another
  • What’s Next?:  How Thinking Forward Moves the Church Forward
  • Leader><Shift:  One Becomes Less While Another Becomes More
  • Too Much:  Living with Less in the Land of More
  • Help for Today | Hope for Tomorrow:  What the Bible Says about Retirement | What the Bible Says about Heaven

 Our e2 Talks are:

  • Leadership 1:  Effective Meetings
  • Leadership 2:  Governance
  • Leadership 3:  Equipping Elders
  • Leadership 4:  Lead Like Jesus
  • Leadership 5:  Mission-Focus
  • Leadership 6:  Recruitment
  • Leadership 7:  Spiritual Warfare
  • Leadership 8:  Succession
  • Leadership 9:  Vision-Mission-Values
  • Relationships 1:  Build Value
  • Relationships 2:  Conflict
  • Relationships 3:  Difficult People
  • Relationships 4:  Elder’s Marriage and Family
  • Relationships 5:  Elder-Staff Relationships
  • Relationships 6:  Healthy Teams
  • Relationships 7:  Lead by Relationship
  • Relationships 8:  Lost People
  • Relationships 9:  Loving the Church
  • Work 1:  Assessing Church Health
  • Work 2:  Decision Making
  • Work 3:  Effective Change
  • Work 4:  Job Description of an Elder
  • Work 5:  Shepherding
  • Work 6:  Strategic Planning
  • Work 7:  Teaching
  • Work 8:  Team Dynamics
  • Work 9:  Unity
  • Life 1:  Balance
  • Life 2:  Discipline of Study
  • Life 3:  Example
  • Life 4:  Humility
  • Life 5:  Money
  • Life 6:  Prayer
  • Life 7:  Qualifications
  • Life 8:  Spiritual Life
  • Life 9:  Your Calling as an Elder

Partnership with e2

e2 enters into a partnership with a local church, and through monthly or annual gift support, e2 serves the elder/staff team of the local church with…

  • Unlimited access to web-based resources
  • Hours of coaching access in-person or through virtual means
  • Phone/text contact for questions and conversation
  • And more…