Every local church elder faces a recurring set of 6 challenges.  As a helpful acronym, they can be stated as “E.L.D.E.R.S.”  Every church elder will be one of the key leaders helping the congregation to address:


E - vangelism


Is your congregation seeing people come to newly-found faith in Jesus?  If not, why not?  These resources can help you get over some of the more common hurdles of introducing people to Jesus.

L - eadership


Does your congregation have a climate of leadership and self-leadership; do people see ways to serve the Kingdom and just do them?  Do you want to see the “heat” of leadership turned up in your congregation?  Check out these resources.

D - iscipleship


Every congregation we meet discusses how they can do follower-making – discipleship – better.  Every congregation wants to see more people grow into greater maturity in their faith. While innumerable books have been written and published by innumerable authors and ministries on this topic, here we give you a few helps from e2’s resource library.

E - quipping


Are your current elders ready to serve the flock?  Do you as an eldership sometimes struggle with how to be more thoroughly equipped to move among the sheep and serve them?

R - ecruiting


How is the leadership pipeline in your congregation?  Do you struggle to find the next generation of elders?  These resources can help you start to grow a new crop of leaders.

S - tructure


How important is your skeleton to your overall health and well-being?  In precisely the same way, the internal structure of a congregation can unleash its people to maximum effectiveness in ministry, or it can stop any meaningful ministry from happening.  “Just preach the good news” is advice found nowhere in the pages of Scripture and we cannot stand on that sentiment alone for our congregation’s health.