1. How are leadership decisions framed and filtered in your congregation?  Does the mission Jesus gave us drive everything?  Do the preferences of members hold sway?  Is the congregation member-driven or mission-driven?
  2. “As the leaders go, so goes the church.”  “I can’t lead someone else where I, myself, have not yet gone.”  “Healthy leaders, healthy church.”  The same core idea is expressed by numerous phrases.  As church leaders, we must be healthy in our “interior world.”
  3. The Church is Jesus’ Bride.  We are all “interim pastors.”  Can we admit that we all have a “shelf life?”
  4. How important is continual improvement to your congregation’s leadership?  Do the elders always want to be making progress, both as Jesus-followers and as leaders?  Without regular assessment, improvement will not happen.  We must be deliberate about it.
  5. “Nickels and noses” too often drive the discussion of whether a church is healthy.  There are many other metrics that help us get a picture of the health of a congregation.