1. Just as our overall physical health can be dramatically impacted by the state of our skeletal system, the internal structure of a church can make or break the effectiveness of a congregation’s ministry efforts.
  2. There is a solution to the common complaint of a church “being run like a business.”  We can flip the typical organizational chart on its side and deliberately practice the one-anothers of Scripture.
  3. Just because we meet does not mean that we’re actually a team that is truly pursuing the church’s mission; we need to be aware that leadership “units” are not all created equal and we must deliberately build up our team
  4. At times, the structure of the local church may unintentionally allow tension between elders and deacons to simmer, but there is a way that elders and deacons can be at their best.
  5. As key volunteers through whom ministry happens in the local church, deacons and staff may also feel tension, but these relationships, likewise, can be at their best.