Just Like Proverbs 31

by Stephanie Wright

Here’s a question…

In our world today, how can you help your husband in his work as an elder?

Many will say they can’t, that they are already doing as much as they can, struggling just to come up for air, feeling burned out, stretched to their limit.  I, for one, would place myself in that category. I am crazy busy all the time; well, most of the time, hmmm … some of the time, at least. Dang, I am not that busy at all!  But why does it seem that I can never get all my work accomplished, I’m always behind and playing catch up, and that being stretched to the limit seems an understatement? 

I tried for many years to work like the woman of noble character, the gal in Proverbs 31. I am sure you have read it at one time or another.  No?  Stop reading this moment and go open your Bible to this passage, starting in verse 10. You will find a wonder woman, one who works vigorously with eager hands, is clothed with strength and dignity, and doesn’t seem to need sleep.  She rises before the sun comes up, and burns the late night oil.  Her children call her blessed, and her husband praises her!  What is her secret?  I want to know, because trying to be like her didn’t work for me.  I was grumpy all the time, because I was tired all the time!  I was not able to help my husband because I couldn’t help myself get off the crazy merry-go-round!

Now, mind you, that portion of Proverbs 31 is all I had read, and I completely missed the gem of the whole chapter. Don’t miss the last phrase of verse 30: a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.  It’s so quiet, yet it speaks volumes.  She has a holy respect for God, a relationship with Him, and God grants her the blessing of being able to accomplish all things, because she is doing them for Him.  The Lord wants that same relationship with you – not you and your husband, not you and the kids, not you and your job – just with you.  Imagine just you and God being together, without distractions, and with your Bible open so He may speak to you.  Doesn’t it sound delightful?  It is so sweet, so soft, so intimate.  And it’s yours for the taking.  He is calling you to that peace.  He leads us individually beside the still waters (Psalm 23:2).

I know it will take a few moments to clear some of your busyness to find time, but when you do, you will discover you never want to be without that precious time together, and will make sure nothing comes between you and your special relationship with your Savior!

Now let’s get back to the original question, how can you help your husband in his work as an elder?  Remember, there is no better teacher than that of an example.  When we display God’s ways to another, He is able to use this example to glorify Him.  And also 21remember, it takes no words.  Words only get in God’s way.  There is no reason to tell someone what God wants.  Instead, show them what God wants.  Be the woman God wants you to be.   From your husband to your kids, from co-workers to cashiers, everyone will see within you an example of how a true woman of noble character looks and acts.

Who knows, you may even end up not needing any sleep! (I still haven’t figured that one out!)

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