An Elder’s Playbook


A compendium of 51 “plays” your elder team can run to move your team “down the field” against the kingdom of darkness.  

Space has been built-in on every page for you to take notes about each play.  Follow-up resources are listed so you can become even better at each play. 

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An Elder’s Playbook: A Practical Guide to Move your Team Forward

We’re all on the same team together, following the same leader – Jesus.  We oppose one, single enemy of our team – Satan.  Jesus came to destroy the enemy’s work, and our team must work together in hopes of defeating our solitary opponent. 

But it may feel as if your congregation is going it alone, buffeted by one challenge after another.  This compendium has been written to help you move your church and her leadership team “down the field” to make Jesus the Famous One in your corner of the world – and push back the kingdom of darkness.  

The 51 Plays: 

  1.  Assessment & Accountability of Elders 
  2.  Burn Out, Elder
  3.  Change, Navigating & Implementing 
  4.  Christian Higher Education, Elders and 
  5.  Church Discipline 
  6.  Church Health Assessment 
  7.  Communication 
  8. Conflict Resolution 
  9. Crisis Response 
  10. Deacons 
  11. Decision Making 
  12. Difficult People, Dealing with 
  13. Doctrine, Church 
  14. Evangelism 
  15. False Teachers 
  16. Family, An Elder’s 
  17. Financial Stewardship 
  18. Governance & Church Structure 
  19. Information Technology 
  20. Innovation 
  21. Job Description, An Elder’s 
  22. LGBTQ & the Church 
  23. Life-Long Learner, Elder as a 
  24. Meetings, Elders’ 
  25. Metrics for the Local Church 
  26. Minister Search 
  27. Ordination 
  28. Policies & Procedures 
  29. Preaching & Teaching Elder 
  30. Pressures, Life & Ministry 
  31. Qualifications, An Elder’s 
  32. Restoration Movement Distinctives 
  33. Restoration Affirmation, Value of 
  34. Restoring Fallen Believers 
  35. Scriptural Authority 
  36. Security, Building & Campus 
  37. Selection & Development, Elder 
  38. Shepherding & Pastoral Care 
  39. Social Media 
  40. Spiritual Health, An Elder’s 
  41. Staff & Elder Relationships 
  42. Staff Assessment & Review 
  43. Staff Departures (Resignation or Termination) 
  44. Staffing the Church 
  45. Strategic Planning 
  46. Succession Planning 
  47. Training, The Elder’s Ongoing 
  48. Translation, “Which is the best?” 
  49. Vision / Mission / Values 
  50. Women as Elders 
  51. World Mission & Elders 

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