NW Christian Conference: Jump Start (virtual)


In partnership with Christian Financial Resources, e2 presents JUMP START: Charging Up Ministry that Moves.  conference virtuallyis a virtual conference.  $99 registers your church’s team (not per person).  Your registration includes 2 copies of the JUMP START notebook; if you will have more than two leaders participating in your JUMP START, click the image here to get additional print copies ($10/each; no shipping fees).  SHIPPING BEGINS JANUARY 25.

199 in stock



JUMP START: Charging Up Ministry That Moves, is a virtual conference from e2, sponsored by Christian Financial Resources.

Registering for this event gets you two USBs, one with the conference content and one with 10 related workshops, along with two JUMP START notebooks.  The USBs allow your leadership at your church to make use of the content on your timeframe.  If you will have more than two leaders participating in your JUMP START, click the link below and they will be shipped to you along with the rest of your package. 

In e2’s experience, addressing over 8,000 elders and church leaders in conferences, there are four arenas that churches consistently need to address, especially to get jump started.  For each ministry focus, we consider three questions:
Why is this essential?
How should this be carried out?
What needs to change to jump start this ministry in our congregation?

The 4 Arenas (Main Sessions):

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Next Generation
  • Leadership Development


  1. Building Teams (e2, Jim Estep)
  2. Discipleship Data (CFR, Kent Fillinger)
  3. Elders as Disciplers (e2, David Roadcup)
  4. Essential Discipling Elements (e2, David Roadcup)
  5. Evangelism – The 6 Circles (e2, Gary Johnson)
  6. Financial Discipleship (CFR, Darren Key)
  7. Leading Effective Change (e2, Jim Estep)
  8. Maximizing Software for Evangelism & Discipleship (CFR, Jerod Walker)
  9. Panel: Online Discipling Classes (CFR, Keith Wood)
  10. Reaching & Keeping the Next Generation (e2, Gary Johnson)

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