LeaderShift candidly explores the avoided and overlooked issue of succession planning in the local church and para-church organization.



In Leader><Shift, Pastor Gary Johnson speaks about the unspoken – succession planning.  An often-overlooked, avoided issue, the succession of a long-tenured leader to their successor can be one of the most risk-laden moments in the life of a ministry.  A powerful biblical principle is at the heart of this matter, and this principle must be heartfelt by all those involved in the succession.  That principle is simply this: one becomes less while another becomes more.  Only when the predecessor and successor authentically hold to this principle will there be success in the succession. Throughout Leader><Shift, the author asks questions directly of all leaders engaged in succession, urging them to “push pause” and to think more deeply about and deliberately discuss this crucial issue with one another.  Leader><Shift is practical, purposeful and pertinent.“Had Gary’s book been around when I stepped down following a 40-year tenure as Senior Minister at Southeast Christian Church, I would have made it mandatory reading for our leadership team.” –Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister; Southeast Christian Church; Louisville, KY

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