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e2: effective elders offers a series of products to enhance your understanding of the biblical role of an elder and how to better lead the church.

Too Much: Living with Less in the Land of More

“Too Much”
Living free of financial chaos results when we learn to live with less in this land of more.  In his new book Too Much: Living with Less in the Land of More, Dr. Gary Johnson teaches a formula that can improve your fiscal health and wellbeing.  The formula is simple: principles + practices = real profits.  When we live by four key biblical principles (gratitude, contentment, trust and humility) and consistently pursue four simple financial practices (debt-free living, saving, budgeting, and giving), we turn a realprofit. Profits aren’t always measured in dollars and what dollars can buy.  Real profit can be the return of health and happiness in marriage, family, and relationships, along with less worry and stress. Fiscal health includes having minimal or no debt, ample cash reserves, and a commitment to God-honoring generosity.  Too Much includes discussion questions throughout for couples, parents and children, friends, and others for immediate use.  Discounts available for quantity purchases.

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Too Much: Teaching and Preaching USB Collection

“Too Much”

The Too Much Jump Drive contains resources from Dr. Gary Johnson for preaching and teaching about stewardship, using Too Much as supplemental reading in the congregation.  The jump drive contains FOUR sermon manuscripts, FOUR video and audio files of the sermons being delivered, FOUR small group Bible studies, an e-book version for the pastor, a 25 minute video presentation of “Why We Must Preach about Money,” a template for a giving commitment card, and graphics for use in preparing Power-Point presentations.

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Conflict | Resolution

“Conflict | Resolution”
Leadership teams either strive against one another or thrive with one another. Conflict/Resolution is the newest release from e2: effective elders that engages the perpetual need for building leadership teams. The first six chapters identify the six most common causes of elder-staff conflict, explaining sources of team conflict. Reflection and discussion questions help the reader process and later discuss within the leadership team to better assess the nature of team conflict. The latter six chapters encourages elders and the ministry staff to build a relationship that thrives rather than strives. These chapters also have reflection and discussion questions to aid in the application of the team building principles and practices.

Conflict | Resolution

Leader Shift

TEXTIn Leader><Shift, Pastor Gary Johnson speaks about the unspoken: succession planning. An often overlooked and avoided issue, the succession of a long-tenured leader to his successor can be one of the most risk-laden moments in the life of a ministry.  A powerful biblical principle is at the heart of this matter, and this principle must be heartfelt by those involved in the succession.  That principle is simply this: one becomes less while another becomes more.  Only when the predecessor and successor authentically hold to this principle will there be success in the succession. Throughout Leader><Shift, the author asks questions directly of all leaders engaged in succession, urging them to “push pause” and to think more deeply about and deliberately discuss this crucial issue with one another.  Leader><Shift is practical, purposeful and pertinent.“Had Gary’s book been around when I stepped down following a 40-year tenure as Senior Minister at Southeast Christian Church, I would have made it mandatory reading for our leadership team.”Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister; Southeast Christian Church; Louisville, KY

Leader Shift

Healthy Elder

“The Healthy Elder” Vital Signs of a Strong Leader is a prescription for healthy leadership in the congregation. It starts with the means of assessing an elder’s spiritual health, and concludes with diagnoses and treatment of issues common to elders; restoring the health of church leaders. It takes a look inside the lives of elders, challenging them to have a more healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, the congregation they serve, and with their call to leadership.The following are chapters in the book:* Going for a Check Up

  • The Five Vital Signs of Spiritual Formation
  • A Case of Spiritual Myopia
  • The Paralyzed Elder
  • Receiving the Diagnosis
  • Following the Doctor’s Orders

Healthy Elder Options

What Every Elder Should Know

“What Every Elder Should Know!”


The e2: effective elders “What Every Elder Should Know” now on USB digital media. It is based on input from elders like yourself, and was guided by the nine most frequently asked questions from elders. Each lesson begins with a short DVD lead-in presentation from one of its authors (Gary Johnson, David Roadcup, or James Estep). Each of the nine lessons continues with a traditional format of an attention getting exercise to open the subject, a study of Scripture relevant to the topic, followed by a period of individual and corporate assessment of your leadership as an elder, and concludes with an implementation strategy to improve your leadership potential as an elder.The lessons include nine key issues facing today’s congregation leader:

  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Being Relevant
  • Implementing Change
  • Developing Elders
  • Holding Effective Meetings
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Elder Job Description
  • God’s Leading / Our Planning
  • Relationship to Ministries

What Every Elder Should Know USB

Answer His Call

Answer His Call The world at its worst needs the Church at her best. A practical resource for the equipping of congregational leaders who serve as elders of the Church. “Since the Bible specifies elders to be the overseers of the church and since we are a people who respect The Book, we need to consider how to make the God-given system work more effectively. 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 are in the Bible for a purpose. The problem isn’t with God’s design, it’s with our implementation of His plan. That’s why this book about the role of eldership is desperately needed and can be extremely helpful. James Estep, David Roadcup, and Gary Johnson have the theological credentials and practical experience to shed some light on how God intended His church to be shepherded. Jesus Christ is still the only hope of the world, the Church is still His body on the earth, and elders are still the pastors of His flock and the time in which we live demand the best we can give. So study and implement the principles set forth in this book so the Church can be as the Lord intended it to be — a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Answer His Call

Reflect: His Character

“Reflect: His Character”
From the foreward by Bob Russell “Reflect: His Character”From the foreward by Bob Russell “Reflect: His Character” is an encouragement to leaders, especially Elders, to live a holy life. Leading others to make holy choices in a difficult and challenging world requires leaders that live holy lives. This resource examines the Biblical call and the challenges facing individuals who seek to lead by example.

Reflect His Character

Lead His Church

“Lead His Church”
addresses the skills or competencies of an elder as a leader in the congregation and community. Chapter 1 “Looking Within” addresses the internal growth of a leader, especially as a learner, enabling the elder to become an effective teacher. The next two chapters “Looking Around” and “Looking Ahead” address two critical leadership skills for elders; decision making and strategic planning respectively. The much needed art of mentoring and discipling is explained in Chapter 4 “Taking under Wing”, while the elder’s ministry of shepherding and providing godly counsel is highlighted in Chapter 5 “Taking Alongside”. The final chapter, “Taking to Task”, explains the unfortunate necessity of church discipline, an often neglected dimension of an elder’s work.

Lead His Church

Enjoy His People

“Enjoy His People”
takes a look at the critical need for relationships in the life of an elder. Relationships are not only a natural part of life, but are a necessity for serving in a congregation. Learning to live in community, enjoying the relationships into which God has called us, enables us to serve as elders and leaders within the congregation.As an elder, one has to acknowledge that leadership requires relationships. Elders were meant to serve as a team, not solo. One may not think of relationships as a matter of stewardship, but consider what an elder who is not a steward of relationships would be like: Disengaged, conspicuously absent from church events, a family that seems more dysfunctional than functional, cliquish and closed to new people. Elders must exemplify Christ in their relationships with others. Enjoy His People will explore the elder’s relationships with his Family, the Father, Friendships with those in the Faith, Friendships with those not in the Faith, Fellow Elders and with Difficult People.

Enjoy His People

Set of Four Books

Set of Four Books
Buy all four E2 Effective Elders original series.

Set of Four Original Series

Get Them All!

Get Them All!

Buy all eight books from our site for $10 each and receive the USB digital media edition of “What Every Elder Should Know” ($25) for free!  A total savings of $33 off from regular prices!

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Church Polity –
Elder Governance Template

There is a pressing need for the Church to look analytically at the internal structure of the organization. This structure is called polity, a particular form or system of governing the church. Learn how a local church is internally structured, how it can be effective in ministry, particularly reaching people who are not yet believers, and transforming them into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ
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