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What is “Healthy Elder!”?

What stops elders from providing leadership to congregations?  Confusion over exactly what they are supposed to do, conforming our leadership model to the world rather than to Christ, and failure to address conflict in the church ALL stand in the way of elders being effective leaders.  Healthy Elder! is a seminar designed to help elders find more focus and direction in their leadership.  The Healthy Elder! seminar, lead by e2:effective elders, presents a three-part seminar addressing these issues, with three additional breakout and q/a sessions.

    2018 Upcoming Events:

201858_Cincinnati_Christian_University September 8 “What’s Next”
Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH.
  September 22 “Healthy Elder”
Mid-Atlantic Christian University, Elizabeth City, NC.
October 6 “What’s Next”
Heritage Christian Church, Fayetteville, GA.
October 12 “What’s Next”
Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly, MO.