e2: effective elders is a ministry born in 2008 (incorporated and granted 501(c)(3) status in 2012) in response to the increasing need for equipping elders for leadership in the local congregation.  Since that time, e2: effective elders has grown rapidly in its ministry.  It started with four books on elder equipping, as well as video curriculum on “What Every Elder Should Know!” which introduces elders to the nine essential skills of leading a congregation.

Our Vision

Equipping Elders to Lead

Our Mission

Practical Training
Relevant Resources
Authentic Relationships

Our Core Values

Biblical Authority
God-honoring Unity
Christ-like Humility
Spirit-led Urgency

Our Statements of Faith

Statements of Faith

Faith Statements

CDF Capital:
Our many thanks to CDF Capital!  Through their generous financial support, CDF has enabled us to speak to over 7,000 elders and church leaders at conferences hosted on the campuses of our many Christian universities.  CDF is devoted to the continual development of those serving as elders in the local church; and for that, we are sincerely grateful.